Bascula is an independent center for art and culture, with an emphasis on promoting contemporary circus in Israel.
The space is open in the morning, where training sessions and rehearsals are held by circus and dance professionals.
Afternoon hours are devoted to rehearsals for our home projects, collaborations, and incubator projects that grow with us.
In the evenings, Bascula hosts performances of theater, dance, concerts, concept events, social events, private events, and of course various circus productions.
The many activities on site allow us to practice, create and perform – thus nurturing and promoting the circus scene in Israel.

Bascula works on various projects on a regular basis – from circus performances to concerts that combine circus and music. From cultivating artistic projects in the circus field (there have already been several different performances that started here in Israel and are now further growing at our space), to hosting various artists to enrich the knowledge and abilities of artists in the field – whether in the artistic aspect (such as bringing circus choreographers) or in the technical part (workshops of professionals from around the world, master classes, workshops and courses for enrichment of artists and more …).

We believe that in a few years' time thanks to hard work, the Israeli audience will recognize that the art of the circus is more than a recreational medium for children (we love performances geared towards the whole family, but circus can offer much more).

Bascula is open all day long, for anyone who wants to come and sit in one of the nicest corners of the space, have a cup of coffee or a delicious meal from the vegan cafe in the area, work on their computer, or just enjoy the special atmosphere.

Bascula nurtures the circus community and creates an environment for good people who want to promote themselves as artists and within the circus realm. These artists are part of our home, part of the activity, the projects, the workshops, the performances, and the experience of the space.
Our choice to not be identified with a particular group opens the door to various types of artists and creates conditions for artistic and practical cultivation. This is how we meet more and more artists and develop greater possibility for creating, collaborating, and simply doing.