About us

Bascula is an independent Venue with the goal to promote contemporary in Israel.

At morning the space function as a training & rehearsals facility for Circus professionals

Afternoon there is creative work, artistic collaborations and more

At night we hast different events: From Dance, Music Concerts, Corporate & Private events and of course Circus productions

These events allow us to keep training, creating, performing and producing - all of that to promote contemporary circus in Israel

Here at Bascula there is constant work creating circus projects or collaborations of Circus and other forms of art. Having the space available for open practice time for professionals is essential for these artists to evolve.

In many events that we host we often offer circus content. we're happy to see how people are happy with what they see - so more and more people are becoming aware of what is going on with the circus scene in Tel-Aviv and in Israel.

After few years we can already see how circus is curving its spot, step by step in the artistic and cultural Israeli consciousness.

There so many artists, mainly circus ones, who see Bascula as their second home. These artist are very passionate about what they do and many of them take part in our projects, creations, shows, workshops and training of Bascula.

Our choice to be open to working with many people and artists all the time open a door for collaborative opportunities while always meeting new artists.

Watch the video from our Grand Opening