Conferences בבסקולה

When was the last time you were here

for an unforgettable event?

What makes a conference memorable? The hall where it's held? The technical capabilities? The staff? The answer is all of these aspects combined!

Experience the Venue

In one of the last remaining warehouses of Tel Aviv, Bascula was founded to be an urban cultural space. The venue hosts various events in its special and professional atmosphere.

Everything You Want and More...

Location, Location, Location

Our warehouse is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, with quick and easy access from Ayalon and the city's expanses, as well as convenient parking.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

The space at Bascula is equipped with advanced lighting and projection systems to create a perfect and unforgettable experience.

Eat, Drink

Breakfast? Lunch? Refreshments?

At Bascula, we offer a variety of food and refreshment packages. There is also a well-stocked bar.

Content and Production

Need help with your conference production? Want to bring in different content? Let us help! We can bring music, circus, dance, lectures, and more!

Committed to Success

Our team of experienced artists and producers will make sure that your event is nothing short of amazing.


Your Conference Promotes Culture

By choosing Bascula to host your conference, you help us continue to serve as an independent platform for contemporary circus in Israel.

What Does This Look Like to Us?

Watch a video that we held here for Vibe Israel.

Production: Ariel Halimi

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Talk With Us

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