A dance studio in Tel Aviv is a hard commodity to find. We at Bascula try to make our studio accessible to those interested.
Our dance studio is located on the gallery floor of Bascula and has large windows that overlook the entire space.
In the studio you will find a parquet floor with shock absorption, mirrors, en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, an audio system, and yoga mats.

Size of the studio: 60 sq. meters – 5.5 meters by 10.5 meters


Next to the studio there are pleasant galleries with seating areas that invite everyone to stay and enjoy the day, have a meeting, sit with a laptop and a cup of coffee, or just indulge yourself for no particular reason; and all of this in an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity.

Bascula has a healthy, vegan kitchen and a drinking bar for your convenience.

Working hours:
Sunday – Thursday – 9:00-17:00
Cost of renting the studio:
Rehearsal time – 50 NIS
Workshop time – 150 NIS